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LM-550A has an enhanced feeding and half-cutting system that provides you with marking speed at 40mm/second. LM-550A can make 52pcs of 20mm-length tube per minute!

Large Built-in Memory Storage

LM-550A/PC can save 250,000 characters (5,000 characters/file, up to 50 files) in its built-in memory storage.

Connect to Your PC With USB

LM-550A/PC features USB port for a­direct cable connection with a Windows PC (for direct printing or file transfers),­and a USB flash drive slot for tranferring computer files made in our dedicated "LETATWIN PC EDITOR" software.

Versatile Marking Capabilities

Various marking media and sizes are now supported by the LM-550A

PVC Tubes: Internal Diameter 1.5~8.0mm
Heat Shrink Tubes: Internal Diameter 2.0~6.5mm
Max Dedicated Tapes: 5mm/9mm/12mm wide
ID Plates
Oval Tubes­

To optimize printing quality for your media, multiple combinations of print settings (such as vertical/horizontal print positions and print density) can be saved.

Large ­Backlit LCD Display

Backlit LCD display makes for easy ­operation, even in a dim­ workplace.

Cutting Depth Adjustment

You can adjust the half cutting depth with the "Half cutting depth adjustment lever" to suit your­ tube ­or tape marking needs.

Adjustable Marker Pitch (Maximum 60mm)

The pitch of the­ marker can be adjusted easily, and has a wide size range in order help you make the markers needed at your site.
Marking on tape : 4 to 60mm
Marking on tube : 10 to 60mm­­ *(Auto pitch function is available for more than 60mm)*

Economical Refillable ­Ink Ribbon

Improve your cost performance by using our economical ink ribbon system. There is no need to throw away the entire cartridge. Simply replace the ink ribbon!

Price: £1,495.00

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